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This is a journey to the outer fringes of the law, which started in 2014, before the war in Gaza. It's the work of a group of friends, who became, in the space of a few months, one of Mossad's best operative teams. 

"In Israel, no one really dies. In Israel no one really lives." 

Ariel Lilli Cohen was born on 6th December 1988 in Haifa (Israel) and is the third of three siblings. Her father Darius Cohen was a former Agent of Ha'Mossad and her mother Noha Avner is now a High Official on Shin Bet, the Israeli Security Agency. She was in the past a Lion Soldier of Magav, the Israeli Border Police in Jerusalem. They are a Jewish family. Ariel speaks fluently Hebrew, English, French, Arabic, Russian, Urdu and Italian. She also likes travelling and having fun like a girl of her age, but fighting against Islamic terrorism is her mission. Ariel becomes a soldier at the age of sixteen . After her sixteenth birthday, the Army enlists her thanks to her high EIQ (she scored 250). She has been since part of a special team called "Genius", with the task to solve problems in unconventional ways. Ariel is a "former" soldier of the Israeli Security Forces Special Unit (IDF).

She joined various "undercover" military actions, living many lives in one. To avoid going crazy and find herself again, she decided to write this book. To tell all her experiences, fears, hopes, loves, and untold truths, she chose the form of the novel. She started writing her story in 2014, before the last war in Gaza. This novel was published in Hebrew, English, Arabic, Russian, French and Italian. She cares about her Country and believes that Israeli people's desire is to live in peace, but unfortunately they always have to defend themselves, not only from foreign enemies but from their own citizens, too.


A man, a woman. The fruit of their love.

New York. He is a Muslim Arab boy. She is an Israeli Jewish girl.

This time the dealer mishandled the cards. Their stories and their dreams crash against the bare and raw reality that upsets their lives.

The origins and the genesis and the childhood of one of the characters of the new novel Israel Jihad in Jersulaem.


After the successful sales of Jihad in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The last chapter of the trilogy.
Who is hiding behind Hamas. Those interested in keeping the Middle East unstable. Yael's team will face not only the historical enemies of the people of Israel. But he will come face to face with the real enemy who did not think he was so close to her.
The appointment is for 6 December 2019.


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